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It's very healthy to spend time alone, and muse on your goals. Along with your big heart, you're graced with a vivid imagination, and the ability to make them happen.

Female Cancer Zodiac Sign Personality Traits and Tendencies | LoveToKnow

You may seem to be doing nothing, but that's your genius -- all the while, you're drawing from a deep creative well. You like to do things when nobody's looking, and have a good sense of timing to know when. Since you're likely to be a kind soul, you've got allies too, who root for you, and support you when they see you going for it! It's tough being so sensitive in a world that's undergoing intense changes, as we are today. You can be a comforting presence in chaos, to friends and family.

Trust your emotional intelligence, as this is a missing piece, without which we see a world out of balance.

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Updated April 29, The symbol is the Crab, a toughie outer and softie inner. Cancer teens with a crazy home life have a harder time coping than those with a balanced, emotionally calm atmosphere. Element is water emotion, imagination. Quality is cardinal initiating. Ruler is Moon swoon! Opposite sign is serious Capricorn. Birthstone is moonstone and pearl. Aries - Tiptoeing around each other's emotions makes a relationship hard work. Astrologers around the world celebrate their love of the stars on March 20 which is considered the start of the astrological year.

Sharing both our common and diverse perspectives on how we relate to the stars is the gift of International Astrology Day. Sign in. All Football. By Mared Parry. She loves seduction and sensual fantasies. She enjoys being made love to and is eager to learn. Sex is always attuned with love for her, and bedroom encounters with this water sign are usually pure liquid pleasure.

Being a good judge of character and having sharp intuition, this woman is an excellent business person.

Personality Traits Of The Cancer Zodiac Sign That Make It The Sweetest Sign In Astrology

She is the quiet but competent worker to watch for. Most of the time, the Cancer woman handles money wisely. Keenly perceptive, she knows how to deal with people. Combine those two attributes and she will have no problem with careers in teaching, nursing, counseling, or journalism.

The Cancer female is interested in home and hearth. She loves being around children and animals. She is highly creative, musical, and literate and also has killer business instincts.

Cancer traits

Other than being a mother to children or pets, the Cancerian woman has many options depending on her wide range of interest. Naturally nurturing, she can be a pediatrician, veterinarian, or open a thriving daycare center. If she loves to read romantic novels she will find that her storytelling skills are worthy of being published. To cook is something she does almost as naturally as breathe — or eat — and she is able to whip up some scrumptious meals. Her love of history was probably cultivated back in grade school and it carries over to her choice of reading and viewing material.

She could easily turn it into a career as an antiques dealer or interior designer as she loves to feather her nest. Careers can be mom, musician, pediatrician, banker, chef or restaurant owner, psychic, antiques dealer, artist, sailor, historian, writer, and dancer. She is a natural saver who understands the value of money. To her, money equals security. It also equals a home and even if she is living in a tiny apartment, she will scrimp and save to achieve her ultimate goal — proud homeowner.

The Cancer woman is cautious about everything she does in her life and the handling of money is no exception. She is a shrewd investor and the goal of any financial planning is based on long-term stability. She does have her guilty pleasures, however, and will splurge now and again. Wherever she is, she will make the place a home and it will be tremendously important to her.

She will fill it with all the things that interest her, every wall with pictures of her nearest and dearest. Her home is her outward shell, the place she can retreat to when the world seems too big and threatening. Her home will not just be her own sanctuary, but a sanctuary for all those she loves and she will be fiercely protective of it.


She is equally protective of her children and knows how to make them feel secure. They usually remain close to her all their lives and always come home when they feel in need of love and care. Family and friends are equally important to her, and she will treat them just the same. One of the ways she expresses her love for her nearest and dearest is to feed them, and wonderful food will come from her kitchen.

Those she loves will always feel loved and protected and safe with her- she has that quality. Anyone with a highly emotional temperament can have a somewhat complicated health profile, and this may be the case with Cancer females. A Cancer woman loves her comfort food, sometimes too much. She enjoys sweets and can have a problem controlling her weight as she gets older. Generally, this is not a problem, but if it gets out of hand, then the Cancer woman will pay attention. Stomach upsets can occur more frequently with the crabs, but often are the result of stress and worry. The Cancer woman prefers traditional outfits with an emphasis on femininity and comfort.

A typical Cancer woman will choose flimsy organza over tight denim and loose silk over PVC leggings. She likes the touch of watery satin on her skin and will often wear a luxurious, matching set of lingerie beneath her conventional outerwear. You might even find some interesting Moon and stars themes in her home. The Cancer woman is stylish and up to date in fashion, but will maintain a somewhat conservative wardrobe.

She does not follow the latest craze emanating from the catwalks. Instead, she favors timeless labels and cuts.

Cancer traits and personality characteristics you need to know

Her favorite accessories are charm necklaces and pearls. The Cancer woman will have strong feelings for her family and may be even more influenced by the arts.

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