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The ruler of the ascendant should never be retrograde. The general nature of the signs needs to be considered. For a speedy conclusion to a matter cardinal signs are suitable, for slowness of permanence fixed signs are preferable and if time is less important, mutable signs may be considered. The chief significators should be placed in signs relating to the nature of the election and the ascendant should be placed in a sign denoting the speed and general effect desired. As the ascendant also signifies the person using the election it should be strengthened along with its ruler and dispositor.

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As the fourth house denotes the end of the matter, it is advisable to strengthen it also as far as possible. However, the Moon and planets and houses generally take precedence. The Sun or Moon should not be in the ascendant. If the Moon has to be placed in the ascendant it is important that it be strengthened as far as possible. The Moon. The Moon principally represents change and receptiveness. Women in general and mothers in particular come under the rulership of the Moon. She also rules the general public.

The moon is exalted in 3 degrees of Taurus and rules the sign Cancer. She also functions well in Pisces but as Scorpio is the sign of her fall and Capricorn her detriment she is not well placed in those signs. As the closest of the planets to the Earth and the fastest moving of the astrological planets, the Moon is the most important planet to consider in electional astrology. Although it has specific rulerships, these are of secondary importance to the role of the Moon in general.

The quality of a particular time may be described by the sign through which the Moon is passing. In one month the Moon will pass through all of the zodiac signs, each one for approximately two and a half days. The Sun's position can describe the general tenor of the month, but it is the Moon's sign that will describe the day. Aspects made by the Moon will modify the description given by her sign placement.

It is best to try and avoid applying hard aspects to the Moon as they can produce difficulties. Keeping the Moon away from hard aspects to the outer planets can help to avert problems. The Moon's phases. A good aspect between the Sun and Moon can be an ideal foundation for success. But although a trine or sextile between the lights can help the chart, it is important to judge it in context. If this would mean that difficult aspects are made between the Moon and Saturn, for example, the advantage of this phase would be lost. Traditionally the first twelve hours following the New Moon are said to be bad for elections.

The next 72 are good, the next 12 bad, the next 72 good and so on. Generally most astrologers treat a New Moon as a good time for the beginning of a venture and avoid the Full Moon unless the intention is to see something end, or come to fruition. The cycle of the Sun and Moon is embedded in our culture. We use the cycle in counting time. The phases of the Moon were considered of great importance in times past and were published in almanacs. Even today many calendars show the phases of the Moon. Rough and ready electional astrology relies completely on this cycle. The New Moon is classed as a time of new beginnings.

It is a time to establish the foundations. The first quarter is a time that requires action and adjustment. The full Moon brings matters to fruition. The next quarter is another time of crisis and adjustment. Therefore, anything begun on a quarter Moon is likely to require some alteration and can be unstable.

The first half of the cycle represents growth, the second a maturing. The Full Moon can be a good time for reaching an agreement and making a compromise. But in casting an electional chart we are seeking more than a simple rule of thumb guide. And here the Moon is of paramount importance.

As the fastest moving of the planets it is the Moon that gives us most leeway, besides the angles, when choosing a chart. Whatever the matter under consideration it is therefore important to make sure that the Moon is as strong as possible. The following result in the position of the Moon being weakened, are best avoided as far as possible. The Moon should not be placed in the degree of her fall, 3 degrees of Scorpio.

The Moon should not be in opposition to the Sun. Conjunctions, squares or oppositions between the Moon and Saturn or Mars should be avoided. There may be exceptions to this rule when Saturn or Mars have rulership over the matter in question.

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The Moon should not be within twelve degrees of either of the nodes. It is better to avoid the Moon being in the latter degrees of the same sign as Mars or Saturn. The Moon should not be placed in the via combusta or between 15 degrees of Libra and 15 degrees of Scorpio. Any position which weakens the Moon should be avoided, e. Times when the motion of the Moon is slow should be avoided. A glance at an ephemeris will show the relative speeds of the Moon, as the mean speed of the Moon is 13 degrees per day, movement below that is classed as slow.

The Moon should not be void of course where it perfects no aspect to another planet before leaving the sign it is in- therefore generally in late degrees of a sign. In general terms we want the Moon to be as strong as possible. Aspects between the Moon and Venus or Jupiter will usually add strength. Although it is generally thought that the Moon should not be in the ascendant it is good to have it aspecting the ascendant.

If you have no choice but to have a weakened Moon in the chart, it is best to keep her away from the angles. The effect can be somewhat mitigated by placing either Jupiter or Venus in an angular house, or as near to an angle as possible. If possible, the Moon should be placed in the house ruling the matter or in any angular house besides the first. If speed is desired, it may be best to place Venus or Jupiter in the ascendant or midheaven. If the Moon is still weak, it is best that she be placed in an angular or succedent house without making an aspect to the ascendant, its ruler, the ruler of the house ruling the matter, its dispositor or any important significator.

If haste is essential, she should be placed in a house with no aspect to the ascendant with a benefic rising or favourably aspecting the rising degree. The Moon in the Signs. Aries For promotion, a one man show where a single individual is in complete charge, quick action and decisiveness. Not good for co-operation or group activities.

Taurus Good for material growth and longevity, gardening or farming. Business ventures where capital is at stake and income must be assured.

Not for rapid action, decision making or group activities. Gemini Salesmanship, rapid thought processes and an ability to meet a challenge on a mental level and communicate easily. Unfavourable for heavy concentration or repetitive action. Cancer Good for domestic tasks, but too moody for most business propositions and too personal for group causes; family oriented. Leo Brings attention, one person operation, drama and extravagance are displayed, can lack originality. Virgo Good for machine oriented businesses, including computers. Too much attention to detail for most things.

Libra Good for marriage or joining or balancing any two diverse influences in harmony, liaison work, litigation, arbitration, not for rapid action or materialistic pursuits. Scorpio Only good for destructive ventures e. Sagittarius Only good if willing to wait for results.

Capricorn Conservative and staid, methodical and practical, good for organisation but bad socially. Aquarius Best for social events, parties, people oriented plans and group activities, not including fund raising. Lacks practicality. Pisces Confuses but good for arts. Lack of materialism and realism.

Aspects between the Moon and other planets. Conjunction - begin only secret matters. Sextile - begin work for the influential, good for seeking favours, good for short journeys, new friends and clerical work. Square - bad for changes, travel anything new, dealing with the influential, good for dealing with the nobility. Trine - good for managing the affairs of others, beginnings, new meetings, dealing with important people. Opposition - good for dealing with the titled but not with the rich, good for beginning a change.

Conjunction - good for writing, correspondence, accounts, commercial transactions, sending messages, despatch, signing contracts and agreements. Sextile - good for study. Square - good for travel, buying and selling but not agreements or writing. Trine - good for sending children to school for the first time, study, mental work requiring ingenuity, dealing with lawyers. Opposition - bad for contracts, good for dealing with fellow workers, travel and study. Conjunction - good for pleasure, love, clothes.

Sextile - good for financial affairs, buying jewellery. Square - good for sports, marriage, hiring servants. Trine - good for love affairs and wearing new clothes if the Moon is not in Leo. Opposition - bad for money as causes extravagance and can also lead to trouble in love. Conjunction - bad for journeys and dealing with soldiers or doctors. Sextile - good for buying houses, weapons, tools, contests and fights. Square - bad in general especially for marriage, friendship and dealing with the influential.

Trine - good for hunting, war, dealing with martial people. Opposition - bad for journeys, friendships and dealing with women. A bad time to begin anything of importance. Conjunction - good for dealing with lawyers, doctors, churchmen and professionals. Sextile - good for making decisions, marriage, investing and speculating. Square - good for studying but bad for speculation and dealing with the legal profession.

Trine - good for new ventures, dealing with professionals. Opposition - unlucky for journeys. Conjunction - bad, especially when dealing with the elderly, those ruled by Saturn, journeys, businesses and new venture Sextile - good for building, mining, dealing with the elderly, magistrates and officials, bad for affairs involving women. Square - bad in general but especially for taking medicine and travel.

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Trine - good for repairing, old places, building and agriculture. Opposition - bad for starting a new enterprise, engaging employees, financial investment, seeking favours.

Electional Astrology: Picking a Wedding Day

Positive aspects are good for dealing with government bodies, joining groups studying mystical matters, starting electrical work and aviation. Negative aspects are bad for journeys, removals, making friends, marriage and electrical danger. Positive aspects are good for social work, travel by water, art, music, visiting institutions and anaesthetics.

Negative aspects are bad for travel, speculation, affairs, marriage, contracts, operations, beginning artistic work. Positive aspects are good for pest control. The signs and elections. The cardinal signs, Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn signify things that alter and last a short time. For matters such as planting, buying and selling, placing the ascendant in these signs can be useful. If considering the length of a journey it can be shortened by placing the ascendant in one of these signs.

Promises and agreements made when one of these signs is rising are more likely to be met speedily. The fixed signs, Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius ensure that things will last a long time. Therefore those signs are well placed on the ascendant when considering charts for marriage, building or any venture you wish to last. The mutable signs Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces rising show that matters will not necessarily endure a long time. By house. Specific houses need to be considered for specific elections. Many of the older rules may be adapted to other situations.

It is impossible to offer detailed rules for every circumstance, so in addition to following the general rules it is suggested that you read the examples for the house that is associated with the matter in hand and adapt the rules accordingly. First house matters The first house rules the appearance. Any matter to do with your appearance comes under the remit of this house. Second House matters The second house is associated with matters related to finance. Elections to do with personal finances, money lent, making profits are governed by this house. Your bank account, salary and all items that you own are governed by this house.

Third house matters The third house is associated with short journeys, writing letters and passing on messages. Anything concerned with short journeys, such as cars, falls under the remit of the third house. It governs all forms of communications including telephone calls and email.

Fourth house matters The fourth house governs matters related to land, houses, the ending of any matter, gardens and gardening. Buying a home.

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Fifth House matters The fifth house is related to any matters associated with pleasure - throwing a party, beginning a love affair, and gambling. Matters of entertainment, theatre, pubs are ruled by this house. Speculation in general comes under the remit of the fifth house including the stock markets. Sixth house matters The sixth house relates to people who work for you, and elections concerned with giving people employment.

All matters of service and work come under this house. It governs trade and merchandise. Additionally the sixth house governs all matters to do with health and illness. Seventh house matters The seventh house governs all types of partnerships including marriage. Eighth house matters The eighth house governs inheritances, and money that belongs to others.

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It also governs the payment of taxes. It also governs matters related to death, such as undertaking and the resources of your partner. Ninth house matters The ninth house governs long journeys, matters of religion and higher learning. It is also associated with publishing and insurance.

Baptism, as Jupiter's house. Tenth house matters The tenth house governs your profession, gaining honour or awards and all matters of status. Eleventh house matters The eleventh house governs attaining a wish or desire and friendship. Achieving a wish or desire, gaining a good reputation and good friendship. Twelfth house matters The twelfth house governs imprisonment. It is associated with large institutions such as hospitals.

Planetary hours. If the planet that is the significator is also the ruler of the planetary hour the chart is strengthened. The astrological day begins at the moment of local sunrise and the night at local sunset.

Planetary Events

The time between sunrise and sunset is divided into 12 equal parts, each of which is called one planetary hour. Similarly, the time between sunset and the following sunrise is divided into twelve equal parts that give the planetary hours of the night. To do this you will need a table of sunrise and sunset for the place where the chart is set. The rulership of the hours depends on the day of the week, which are ruled by the planets as follows Sunday is ruled by the Sun.

Monday is ruled by the Moon. Tuesday is ruled by Mars. Wednesday is ruled by Mercury. Thursday is ruled by Jupiter. Friday is ruled by Venus. Venus will not turn Rx in The next Venus Rx cycle will begin in March When choosing a date, stay clear of Shadow Periods before and after Rx Period. Download this year's Planet Retrograde Calendar. The final aspect of the Moon before going void-of-course should be good. The Moon's final aspect before entering Taurus is a square with Neptune. Like all Planets, Neptune has its dark and light side.

Avoid Moon in Aries, Scorpio or Capricorn, unless well-aspected. Avoid Venus in Aries, Virgo or Scorpio, unless very well-aspected. Notes 1. Most people who come for a reading regarding their marriage do not know the exact time they exchanged vows; thus, one of the best things you can do when attending a wedding is jot down on a linen card the the exact time the couple exchanged vows, and give the card to the couple.

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